81 animals adopted during Saturday’s Jefferson Parish adoption event

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JEFFERSON PARISH – The event is being called a huge success, with 81 animals finding their forever homes.

On Saturday, June 1, the Jefferson SPCA held their $10 Adoption Day Special event.

“We are beyond thankful to everyone in the community who came out and showed support,” said Patty Hegwood, Interim Director of the Animal Shelters. “This event would not have been possible without the hard work of all of our employees and the numerous volunteers.”

An SPCA spokesperson explained that at the beginning of the weekend, the shelter was home to nearly 400 animals.

But thanks to the work of the Jefferson SPCA, the Best Friends Society and countless other volunteers and employees, the shelters were able to adopt approximately 25% of the animals, some of which have been homeless for months.

The need for additional adoptions still exists.

Residents interested in adopting a pet should visit one of our shelters, or www.jeffparish.net for more information.


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