$40,000 ‘tip’ on the table at Dooky Chase’s Restaurant


It's an AMEX Award to preserve history

NEW ORLEANS – It started as a little sandwich shop.

And the place to buy your lottery ticket.

Now, when you’re hungry for some deep-dish, deep-fried New Orleans history, WGNO’s Bill Wood says you head on over to Dooky Chase’s Restaurant.

It’s been in business since 1941.

And now comes the biggest tip ever left on a table.

It’s 40,000.

It’s from American Express, actually.

It’s a grant, actually.

A grant given to preserve history.

WGNO’s Very Own Bill Wood says the family who runs the restaurant has a plan.

Inspired by the restaurant’s matriarch, Leah Chase, the Creole chef and now Creole angel, the family will use the money to benefit the community.

Not just the restaurant.

That means, they’ll spend the $40,000 to repair the sidewalk around the Dooky Chase’s Restaurant in the Treme neighborhood.

Leah Chase died in 2019.

She left the legacy of a lifetime.

And she lives on.

Her daughter Stella Chase Reese.

And her son Dooky Chase, III run the restaurant.

They are there everyday.

They are “doing what Leah would do”.

And that means making it easier for customers, folks and fans to get in for some mighty fine New Orleans dining.

That’s why the sidewalks will be fixed up.

That’s what Leah would do.

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