400 million cups a day, 146 billion cups a year: it’s National Coffee Day


Brewing the best with Felton Jones at New Orleans Roast Coffee

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s the day caffeine lovers wait for all year.

It’s National Coffee Day.

WGNO’s Bill Wood has the right roast for the right day.

It’s New Orleans Roast Coffee.

It’s the official coffee of Good Morning New Orleans.

An original for the city.

From the city that loves and lives coffee.

Roasted by the best man in the business.

His name is Felton Jones.

Felton is the man behind the beans.

He is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America in green coffee purchasing and contracts.

All the coffee is directly traded.

That means it’s farm to up.

New Orleans Roast knows the importance of direct trade and establishes great relationships with coffee farmers.

The roasting facility produces more than a million pounds of coffee every year.

And the coffee used here is only the top one percent of Arabica beans.

Near the French Quarter, Felton’s in charge of roasting beans in a tradition that goes back to 1720 in New Orleans.

It’s the tradition that keeps Americans guzzling coffee today.

Every day, more than 400 million cups.

That percolates up to 146 billion cups every year.

Felton operates like a chemist.

He’s a scientist.

He’s the man who knows the anatomy of a cup of coffee.




And finally, flavor.

All that means Americans would rather skip their morning sh

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