4-feet, 9-inches tall. Weighing in at 82 pounds. She’s a New Orleans heavyweight


Marli Lyric is the boss at Young & Fly by M

NEW ORLEANS – Her size seems small.

But her vision is big.

She’s thirteen-year-old Marli Lyric.

Barely a teenager, but already a New Orleans businesswoman.

WGNO’s Bill Wood meets Marli at her downtown New Orleans office.

That’s her headquarters for shipping and selling her own line of nail polish.

It’s called Young & Fly by M.

Marli’s already making a profit.

And you know what she did with the money she made?

She bought toys.

132 toys, actually.

And she gave them to kids over the holidays.

Marli Lyric really is polishing up her act.

And it’s looking spectacularly shiny.


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