2019 Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship

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NEW ORLEANS – An eating competition that was rescheduled because of tropical storm Barry finally happened this past weekend.

The Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship featured seven brave souls devouring their way to first place. One soul was the number one competitive eater in the world, Joey Chestnut.

The Metairie crowd came to witness one thing: The 2019 Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship!

The slices aren’t your average size! For this competition, each one was a whopping two feet!

So how did the competitors prepare?

“I didn’t really have too much preparation” the number two competitive eater in the world, Geoffrey Esper, told WGNO.

“I don’t have much of a strategy, I’ll be honest” said Darron Breeden, the number four competitive eater in the world. “I’m just gonna eat the pizza as fast as possible and then chase it down with some water to lubricate it.”

While the others didn’t have a calculated game plan, the number one competitive eater in the world did.

“I think I got a technique down where I’m gonna cut it up a little bit so I can hold it in one hand and then stand up straight and just wiggle it down!” Joey Chestnut told us.

Lets just say, Joey’s method worked.

The world champ went head to head against six other fearless eaters! After ten minutes, Champion Chestnut came out victorious.

“It was hard! Pizza dough is hard to eat a lot of really quick. My jaws are tired but it was fast and it wasn’t pretty. I had to use a lot of water but i got it down and I got the win.”

Win or lose, Joey says, he’s happy the eating sport exists.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am! Get some trophies and beat the heck out of people and get to come travel and just have a blast!”

Joey took home $3,000! The Fat Boys Pizza owner says we can expect a competition like this every year!


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