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Since the rescue on December 15, two additional suspects have been arrested.

On January 11, 36-year-old Kentrail Foster, of New Orleans, was arrested in connection to the sex trafficking case. Foster was booked for trafficking of a thild for sexual purposes and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

And on January 24, authorities arrested 33-year-old David Perry, of New Orleans. He was booked for trafficking of a child for sexual purposes, second degree rape and felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.


Louisiana State Troopers rescued a 16-year-old girl who was the victim of sex trafficking and was being beaten, drugged, and repeatedly raped in a Canal Street hotel room.

The girl, who had been reported missing, was rescued from a hotel room in the 600 block of Canal Street on December 15, according to the Louisiana State Police.

Two men, 26-year-old Elbert Riascos and 24-year-old Jovan Martin, were arrested on the scene.

Both men have been charged with Trafficking of a Child for Sexual Purposes.

Riascos was also booked on First Degree Rape, Felony Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile, False Imprisonment, Cruelty to a Juvenile, Production and Possession of Child Pornography, Distribution of Cocaine and Resisting Arrest.

Martin was also charged with Resisting Arrest.

Both men were already on parole for previous convictions at the time of their arrests, according to the LSP.

A tip to the Human Trafficking Hotline led to the arrests and the rescue of the teen victim.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is a national anti-trafficking hotline serving victims and survivors of human trafficking and the anti-trafficking community in the United States.

The National Hotline can be accessed by emailing, submitting a tip through the online tip reporting form, and visiting the web portal at

You can also call the hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text at 233733.