13th Annual Cajun Zydeco Festival

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NEW ORLEANS – Fest-goers had a blast this weekend at Armstrong Park! Residents and tourists joined together to experience one pretty cultural event.

The Cajun Zydeco Fest welcomed everyone to their 13th annual celebration. People from across the country made sure they were a part of the fun.

NOLA danced their way through the weekend– as always, in style. Some live right down the street. Others were here for milestone celebrations.

“It’s our one year anniversary– June the 21st” Tourist, Reggie Anner told us. “We decided to come to New Orleans to experience something different.”

Different is what The Cajun Zydeco Festival gave him. “I’ve seen a lot of cultural things. I’ve seen a variety of people. the mixture of people– black, white, Chinese, just mingling and enjoying themselves.”

The enjoyment had a lot to do with Cajun Zydeco music, which is different than Cajun music.

“Cajun music tends to have a fiddle and be a little more traditional sounding” Local vendor, Trish Ransom told WGNO. “[It] includes a lot of waltzes and the Zydeco music– a little more R&B sounding– some hip hop, some blues. . . Has a syncopation with the rub board. Very lively dancing.”

But the music wasn’t the festival’s only attraction. “The venues, the history. You have people with gourmets on to celebrate the history. You have people out here just enjoying the music. Just the atmosphere and the environment all together was just amazing.”

The atmosphere was so amazing, Trish moved to NOLA to enjoy to forever enjoy the vibe. “This is the one festival where I get to hear ‘my music’ and sell my art at the same time. It’s great!”

The Cajun Zydeco Festival lasted until 7:30 PM. The 14th annual celebration is expected to happen next summer.



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