12 children hospitalized with COVID-19 and 5 in Intensive Care Units at Children’s Hospital


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— As of Friday at Children’s Hospital New Orleans there are currently 12 kids being treated for COVID-19 and 5 of those children are in Intensive Care Units.

“We’ve seen an explosive increase in the number of cases. These children are very uncomfortable and their parents are scared for them,” Dr. Mark Kline at Children’s Hospital said.

Dr. Mark Kline says the delta variant is no joke and everyone needs to take it seriously.

“Unfortunately we’re going to see more children die from the delta variant than the earlier variants,” he said.

The CDC is now saying the delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox and spread more easily than the common cold, 1918 flu, and smallpox.

“This virus is spreading like wildfire,” Dr. Kline said.

Keonshae Freeman is a mother of 4 kids. She recently had COVID-19, so she’s not vaccinated yet.

“It is very concerning. We just don’t what the future holds,” she said.

Her kids are still not eligible for the vaccines because they are too young, but she still wants to wait a bit.

“I would just rather it be tested a little more. I wouldn’t mind them getting the vaccines. I just don’t want it to be in an experimental state,” she said.

Moms like Keonshae are part of a group called “Fit 4 Mom Nola.” They exercise with other moms and their children. When it comes to COVID-19, Keonshae says they do what fits their families.

“Every parent does what’s bets for them and their particular household,” Freeman said.

Doctors still say if you and your kids are eligible, then vaccines are a must.

“This is a time to double our efforts to protect ourselves,” Dr. Kline said.

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