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NEW ORLEANS – A prestigious dog show just showed off our area’s top-notch furry friends.

The 11th annual classic displayed all-breeds from Black Labs to Mini Schnauzers.

Dogs like Retta couldn’t stop wagging their tails at the Lagniappe Classic Dog Show. Some had long hair and others had short, scruffy fur.

All of them came in their best possible form to compete for the AKC champion title. Handlers say it’s important for people looking to buy a dog.

“To judge breeding stock so people around the world breed and show dogs– they health test and it’s a place for us to show so people can find a stud dog or find research on buying a pure-bread dog with quality and health testing behind it” Professional Dog Handler, Terri Galle, told WGNO.

Terri also says the dog can’t be nurtured or spade, must be over six months old, and has to be a pure-bread to be eligible to compete at the Lagniappe Classic.

Deborah Verdon was this year’s show chairman. She believes the winner has a lot to look forward to.

“Fame and fortune– success. Once you’re the number one dog in the country in your breed, that’s a very prestigious level.”

To get to that level, your dog has to beat out a lot of competition. This weekend there were more than 1,000 entries per day!

This weekend is more than awards and kudos; it also highlights what these dogs were meant to do.

“Some were used in war” Galle said. “Some were used for therapy. Some were used to carry messages.”

All are valuable in some way, shape, or form. After all, they are man’s best friend.