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To paraphrase, the statement says that all parties involved (plaintiffs, attorneys, etc.) must be fully satisfied with restitution (compensation for injury or loss) before the injunction (written restraint) may be lifted. Once the injunction is lifted, demolition of the Hard Rock collapse site may begin.

The following is a statement that may be attributed to 1031 Canal Street Development LLC:

There is an injunction prohibiting work on the Hard Rock Hotel demolition until court approval of an evidentiary protocol. This process has to be approved by plaintiff attorneys and other interested parties before being submitted and approved by the court. Only after this may demolition begin.

Contrary to previous statements made regarding this incident, the cause is still under investigation. There has been no determination of fault. 1031 Canal Street Development LLC is the sole developer and owner of the Hard Rock Hotel project and paid for and relied upon design professionals to construct the building.

The City’s contractor and engineering firm are working hand in hand with our contractor and engineer, and together they are determining the path forward. 1031 Canal Street Development LLC has no influence over the engineering design for stabilization or demolition.

However, 1031 Canal Street Development LLC is committed more than ever to identifying the causes of this tragic event. Safety of everyone involved remains our top priority.