10 hot dogs. But only 8 buns! Simply sign the Hot Dog Pact for equality


National Hot Dog Day is July 21

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Inside her New Orleans food truck, Ericka Lassair is a diva of a chef.

She’s an artist.

She serves hot dogs as masterpieces.

WGNO’s Bill Wood says all her grilling and chilling have earned her the noble name Diva Dawg.

Nobody knows about an unbalanced, unfair culinary crisis like Ericka “Diva Dawg” Lassair.

It begins with the bun.

When you buy them for hotdogs, you get a package of eight.

Mosey on over to the meat counter and count your weiners.

You get ten.

It’s a mismatch.

It’s an unfair food fight.

Now the folks from Heinz have had enough.

After 150 years of making ketchup, Heinz want to right a wrong.

Heinz has set up the Heinz Hot Dog Pact.

You can sign it by clicking right here.

Like a good food Declaration of Independence, it’s an effort to put America’s bun bakers and sausage factories finally on the same page.

Because buns are baked in pans of eight.

Because weenies are sold by weight, that’s why you get ten.

The folks who make America’s favorite condiment believe, it’s about time for both sides to catch up.

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