NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) –  A local man is breaking records at The Blood Center.

Michael T. Adams has given 400 donations of blood. That is a total of over 50 gallons!

Adams, who says its an act of love, has donated so much blood to help the patients of Southeast Louisiana that The Blood Center honored him during his 400th visit to donate Wednesday.

“I love people. I’m here to help. It’s not about me at all. Its about what we do for others, what the blood center does for others,” said Adams.

Dr. Tim Peterson, with The Blood Center, estimates that Adams has helped at least 1,000 patients.

“Considering how many donations it takes to get to a gallon we calculate between his whole blood and platelet donations, at least a thousand patients have received help from Mr. Adams,” said Peterson.

Adams began donating at Lakeside Mall in the 70’s and has no plans of stopping any time soon!

To donate and help Louisiana maintain a healthy and stable community blood supply, call

(800) 86-BLOOD or You can find The Blood Center on social media at @TheBloodCenter.