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NEW ORLEANS – For the past six days, a super group called the Greater New Orleans Caring Collective, also known as the GNO Caring Collective, has been catering to the at-risk community!

“We started with a list of volunteers and so we started matching volunteers with community members based on neighborhood location” Supply Delivery Coordinator, Julie Wischan shared with WGNO.

Julie along with over 100 other people are a part of the unofficial organization.

“We are having volunteers who are willing to donate groceries go to the store and pick up things that people need.”

They maximize health safety by washing their hands with portable soap and water. After that, they put on a pair of latex gloves and spray every item with commercial-grade sanitizer. Then, each volunteer bags it all up!

The group also delivers school lunches, which they handle with the same procedures.

“It should be as safe as we can possibly get it!” Wischan said.

After Julie or another volunteer sanitizes their hands, food, and of course, the trash bags, they drop off everything curbside for a resident to pick up!

“It’s tremendously, tremendously and we so glad to see that y’all are willing to help us senior citizens!” New Orleans Resident, Bryan Gibson said after receiving groceries from GNC Caring Collective for his 97 year old neighbor.

Bryan says the GNO Caring Collective sends a strong message to the community.

“That they are there for us and we appreciate it very much!”

As for the near future…

“You know, just to take care of the people who are less fortunate than us… I feel like we’ve come together as a community and I’m just so excited about that and we would love to continue to do that!”

If you’d like to donate or if you need assistance please call the Greater New Orleans Caring Collective number at (504) 233-8707.