Local grocery stores ease up on mask mandates


NEW ORLEANS — With the CDC saying mask wearing is no longer necessary for fully vaccinated people, many grocery stores have now lifted their mask requirements for customers, but other retail stores are still requiring masks for customers and employees.

Grocery shopper Delores Freeman is not ready to go mask-less yet.

“Until I see the vaccinations over 50 percent, I might take off my mask then, but I don’t know,” Freeman said.

Even though she’s fully vaccinated, Delores is going to wait to shop mask-free until the vaccination numbers go up.

“You don’t know who you will come in contact with,” she said.

With the CDC’s guidance, many grocery stores have lifted their mask mandates.

At Langenstein’s they are still encouraging masks and employees are still required to wear masks. Both WalMart and Winn Dixie will allow fully vaccinated customers and employees to be mask-free.

At Zuppardo’s they are recommending customers continue to wear masks, but they are leaving it up to the customers discretion.

“Right now we are not making it mandatory for customers, but we are telling people to protect themselves in the best way that they can,” Owner of Zuppardo’s Joseph Zuppardo said.

At Zuppardo’s they are requiring that their employees still wear masks even though 85 percent of their staff is fully vaccinated.

“We are going to do the best we can to make it safe for you, but you have to do what is best for you and your family,” Zuppardo said.

Looking around Zuppardo’s many customers are still choosing to wear masks. As for Delores when will she finally feel comfortable shopping without a mask?

“It’ll be awhile, it’ll be awhile,” she said.

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