VIRAL: Local Father/Son Duo Build ‘Social Distance’ Circle


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NEW ORLEANS, LA – A local father/son duo have gone viral on TIKTOK after building a ‘Social Distancing’ circle and documenting the entire process.

I’m sure you are wondering what that is?

“It’s a 6 foot social distance circle. 12 foot diameter, comprised of a lot of pipes and a tarp. We stood in the middle and around it was everybody on the outside, basically.” Said IMPATMAN.

It was 2 days after school was released due to COVID-19, that IMPATMAN, decided he was bored and needed a project to do with his dad.

As coronavirus cases in Louisiana were growing, IMPATMAN and his dad, UNCLEBUBBLEGUM, wanted to highlight the importance of Social Distancing.

“After we spent hours building, we took it to Lafreniere Park. Actually, one of the pipes hit me in the face. It flew up like a kite or big sail! But, you learn from trial and error.” Said UNCLEBUBBLEGUM.

“Yea there were a few confused people.’ Laughed IMPATMAN.

“Some of them thought we were flying a kite. A big kite. Others thought it was a trampoline! I think the park ranger came by and said hey, you can’t have any inflatables.”

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