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KENNER, La (WGNO) —The forecast for July 9th, 1982, included severe storms with wind shear. Pan Am Flight 759, from New Orleans, scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas, went down in a crash shortly after taking off. The crash killed 154 people including some who were on the plane and others on the ground.

Royd Anderson is a local author and filmmaker in New Orleans. Much of his craft is dedicated to honoring the victims of Louisiana’s various tragedies.

“I was a little kid in Gentilly, during 1982.  I recall the thunderstorm.  I was watching television with my brothers.  That was the day my dad came in and he was installing fans.  He said a plane crashed.  I remember it like it was yesterday,” says Anderson.

The film is called Pan Am Flight 759. It will be shown in 2022 for the 40th anniversary of the crash at the West Bank Regional Library in Harvey, Louisiana at 9:00am, Saturday, July 9th. It will also be shown that same day, at the East Bank Regional Library in Metairie at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Also, this weekend, there will be a yearly service at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Kenner.

“I shot the film and I edited the film. Its a chance for people to remember what happened.  One of the most powerful parts of my film is this interview with Dr. John Baye, who lost his daughter in the crash.  She was at a friend’s house getting ready to get a snowball and he had just gotten off the phone with her.    A few minutes later, the entire neighborhood is on fire.”

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