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NEW ORLEANS– In the Treme at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church they minister to the community through Anna’s Place, where one of their missions is to help kids.

When the schools closed and quarantine took over, Brianna Carr and Fr. William Terry at Anna’s Place made sure all 40 kids enrolled in the program got laptops or ipads to continue their learning while in quarantine.

“We realized that a lot of our kids don’t have access to computers. They come from homes that are living in poverty, many of their parents don’t even use laptops. Every laptop we gave out we gave to each of our kids. We received donations of ipads from the congregation of St. Anna’s,” Carr said.

At Anna’s Place, no kid gets left behind.

“When the community is served they blossom. They become everything you and I could hope for in this world. Bright minds,” Father William Terry said.

Even though the doors are currently closed, they want to continue to open children’s minds.

“Our job is to give them the tools so these children can prosper. They meet challenges. They are the very soul of our city through this effort of empowerment, Father William Terry said.