Update: Timeline for repairs on major water main break in Metairie


METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — The situation is still pretty bad but luckily, the water is being pushed into the canal down the middle of West Napoleon Avenue.

The cause of the break is due to the severe weather that has been passing over us for the past few days, plus the age of the Jefferson Parish sewer system and pipes.

This water main break has been gushing for a few days now and, isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Crews are on the scene actively working to get the water main fixed. The big concerns residents have been asking about are, “Is the water that is leaking contaminated, and is it harmful?”

According to the Jefferson Parish Public Works Department, the water is roughly 90% rainwater from the last couple of days.

They told WGNO that their timeline for getting this issue patched up is likely around 4 weeks. They are hoping Thursday night, they can get the water shut off when sewage usage is lower this evening.

“That involves 30 lift stations around the parish. we shut the flow down so that we can isolate the system with no flow. Basically, we can eliminate the flow here which makes it sense you know, now when we dig it up, we can see how bad it is. It may take more than one night but, we will then most likely have to turn those 30 lift stations back on because we do not want it to back up into the neighborhoods,” said Mark Drewes, Director of Jefferson Parish Public Works.

Keep in mind this is all weather dependent on how soon the Public Works crews can get the break shut off, patched up then fully repaired. If we get more rain, there could be bigger problems and it could delay the process more.

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