Live from Bourbon Street as Celebrations Continue after the National Championship

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- It’s the day after the big game and LSU fans are still feeling like they are on top of the world.

Reporter Peyton LoCicero joined the LSU fans as they continued to party and celebrate on Bourbon Street.

“The celebrations, I mean the night didn’t really end yet. The team worked hard for this all year. You know. 14-0. Total team effort from everybody. Coaching, players,  fans; we showed up as a city,” shared Kyron Warner.

Since the game was right here in our home state, it gave students and fans a great excuse to party hard after the game.

“I did not know when they won. But, we partied. When they won the game, we partied,” said Nick Grant.

Last night’s game was a nail biter during the first half but, LSU got the last laugh in the Superdome. With the 42 to 25 score, fans flooded out of the Dome and went straight from the bleachers to Bourbon.W

While some will probably be nursing their hang overs this morning, some will be hitting the road.

“We partied in the street with everybody, number one but we weren’t surprised. We knew this was going to happen all year long. It was kind of like a calling,” shared Patrick Shaheen.

“We started drinking at about one o`clock yesterday and partying with everybody. Clemson fans were pretty cool. Like I said, we were expecting it. Even when we got behind, we weren’t worried. We just waited for it to come back and we did and uh we won the national championship,” explained Chris Shaheen.




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