‘Little Voice’ star Brittany O’Grady talks her NOLA connection, gumbo & the soul of her show


NEW ORLEANS– Apple TV’s ‘Little Voice’ star Brittany O’Grady has connections to New Orleans, and she talks to WGNO’s Kenny Lopez about those cool connections, and the soul of her show.

‘Little Voice’ is a TV show about a New Yorker named Bess who’s trying to make it in the music business. The show follows her struggles with music, love, and relationships with her family and friends in a heartfelt and poignant way. The show is produced by musician, singer, songwriter Sara Bareilles. The lead character is played by Brittany O’Grady, who’s family is from New Orleans.

“My family is from New Orleans. My Grandma and Grandpa are from there. That’s where my ancestry is from. My mom went to Dominican High School. I have gumbo for Christmas every year. My grandma makes seafood gumbo and she’ll put sausage and crab meat in it,” O’Grady said.

She is proud of her character on the TV show.

“I think the one thing that I love about Bess the most is she’s authentic to her feelings. I think it is fun that she can be reactive to things. She’s like an open-book. This character is the closest to myself that I’ve played. I feel like I can tap into personal experiences,” she said.

Working with the talented Sara Bareilles has been a wonderful experience for Brittany.

“I was always listening to Sara. I was like please give me advice and guidance in singing your songs. She told me to just enjoy it. She told me to connect with the lyrics and that created a new layer of depth for me when it came to singing,” she said.

When asked about what the show’s title, “Little Voice” means to her, she said, “It symbolizes to pay attention to our intuition and little voices. A little voice can say the biggest things. It is all about trusting your gut, purpose, intuition. Intuition is so important because it connects us to something bigger than ourselves.”

Brittany said she’s incredibly grateful for her role on this show.

“I like to believe people play characters they are meant to play, so if you don’t get a role it was meant for someone else to portray. When you get the opportunity to bring a character to life, I take that seriously and have so much gratitude and want to do that character justice,” O’Grady said.


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