Lending local voices for 139th National Baptist Convention

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Marrero, La— On a night when most people are enjoying the comfort of their homes, the folks at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church are in full rehearsals for the 139th National Baptist Convention.

Morning Star is led by Pastor T.J. Brown, who’s also the musical director for next week’s convention with a purpose.

According to Brown. “The convention brings together Baptists from all over the world and it’s a very, very warm kind of fellowship where teaching is taking place, where preaching is going on throughout the week, where singing and praises are going forth.”

On this night the singing is going forth as this group rehearses to be a part of a state-wide mega-choir led by Brown, “Monday everybody comes together to at 12 noon at the convention center. That will be the first time we actually will be together.”

This annual convention is a big deal, but Brown says it’s also an invititation for this community to come out.

“It is really quite an undertaking, and we’ve got folk from all across the city and the area and they would love nothing more than to be able to inspire our New Orleans community,” said Brown.


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