Landlords needed to help folks in need find homes for the holidays


NEW ORLEANS– As the holidays approach and the pandemic continues to affect New Orleans, housing advocates want to give the gift of affordable housing to tenants in need this Christmas.

Hundreds of landlords are needed in order to match housing insecure families with the 19,000 vacant properties in New Orleans.

There’s nothing more special than spending the holidays at home with those you love, but sadly in 2020 many don’t have a place to call home to share that love.

“It is really unbelievable that we got people who can’t find landlords who are willing to rent to them,” Andreanecia Morris the Executive Director of Housing NOLA said.

Housing NOLA teamed up with Unity of Greater New Orleans and The Housing Authority of New Orleans, which is offering $500 signing bonuses to landlords for units leased.

“We are not asking for a favor. We’re asking you to be in business and take advantage of programs to help people who need help. This is a win-win,” she said.

They are offering these incentives to landlords because right now there are many properties sitting vacant that renters want and need.

“These are people who can pay rent, gurantee payment up to a year at fair market rents. Fair market rent is $800-$900 for one-bedroom apartments and that’s one of the biggest needs,” Morris said.

She said giving a family a place to call home is the best gift any family could receive this Christmas.

Since launching HANO’s Landlord Incentive Program, over 170 property owners have partnered with them to provide more than 200 units to serve low-income families in search of safe and affordable housing.

Landlords wanting to sign up for the new Landlord Incentive Program should contact HANO at 504-670-3488. For more information, visit HANO’s website, HERE.

For more information on properties call 1-877-428-8844 or search


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