La Boca Steakhouse going above & beyond for safety with strict mask policy


NEW ORLEANS– La Boca Steakhouse in the Warehouse District is going above and beyond to keep their staff and customers extra safe during these Covid-19 times.

Safety is on their menu because they want to be extra careful to make sure that their employees are not put at risk, and that their diners are in a safe environment as well. Their safety policies are in place for the best interest of everyone.

“We do require you wear a mask when there is a staff member at your table, Susan Martinez, Server at La Boca said.

Here it’s not enough to just wear a mask when you enter, leave, or go to the restrooms. Their strict mask policy is to keep their servers like Susan safe from Covid-19.

“At the end of the day, we are front line workers and as long as we’re standing there at your table, and if you’re not wearing a mask, then we are not protected,” Martinez said.

Unfortunately, they have received plenty of pushback from some angry customers. These customers have complained to servers that the masks aren’t comfortable.

“People are resisting because other restaurants are not making them wear masks when the servers are at the tables. They think that we are being ridiculous or extreme, but we don’t get paid time off or sick pay. They say the masks aren’t comfortable, but this whole situation with Covid is not comfortable,” she said.

There have also been customers who have been very understanding who recognize how servers are putting themselves at risk.

“When you go to the grocery store they have Plexi-glass. When you go get a haircut, you must wear a mask the entire time, but what is the difference when a server is standing inches from your face,” Martinez stated.

They must be doing something right because all La Boca staff has been tested several times and they’ve had no cases of Covid-19.

“I care about being able to come to work and feeling safe. Our owner Adolfo Garcia and our General Manager Lorenzo Reef are 100 percent supportive of measures we develop on our own to make us feel as safe as possible, and keeping the guests safe,” Sibyl Pitre, Bartender at La Boca said.

A simple act from you—wearing a mask, is the ultimate service to them.

La Boca wants to encourage other restaurants to adopt similar mask policies to slow the spread of Covid-19 in our community.

For more information about La Boca, click HERE.


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