Krewe of Tucks unveils new wheelchair-accessible float

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NEW ORLEANS– The Krewe of Tucks is doing something extraordinary this Carnival season.

This parade will give their handicapped members a lift.

The Krewe of Tucks wants everyone to feel welcome in their parade. This Carnival they’re becoming more inclusive.

“This year we have the first ever wheelchair accessible floats in all of Carnival. This means any wheelchair rider in a power chair or a push chair can be on the float and be secure and safe when they ride in Tucks,” Robert Reichert Jr. with the Krewe of Tucks said.

Reichert said that one of their floats will have two wheelchair lifts, with a ramp in the front, and a ramp in the back. A total of 12 people in wheelchairs will get to ride with their caretakers.

“The reason we did this is because Tucks wants to transcend Carnival. We want to push the envelope to be better than what we were yesterday,” he said.

The ramps are the same type of mechanical ramps that you see on public transportation like buses.

“When it comes down to it, why hasn’t this happened in Carnival yet. The Krewe of Tucks decided we were going to make it happen. This is their ticket to Carnival freedom,” Reichert said.


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