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NEW ORLEANS– There’s a naughty kitty in Louisiana that became an internet sensation all over the world, for stealing his neighbor’s laundry. Well now, it seems like he may be turning from his life of crime to charity work.

The famous “Klepto Kitty” named “Admiral Galacticat” who lives in Metairie has been stealing his neighbor’s clothes and laundry for months now, but it seems like he is now up to “good” instead of “no good.”

“We figured we’d use our cat’s weird cat fame to do some good for the community,” Heather Bardi said.

“Admiral Galacticat’s owner, Heather Bardi set up “Admiral Galacticat’s Laundry Basket” charity. At 7 stores across our area, they’re collecting pet supplies for pet owners who lost everything in Hurricane Laura.

“They need all the help they can get. Everyone’s stuff was washed into the Gulf,” she said.

After all her cat’s mischief, she said she wanted to do something to help.

“I guess I’m just trying to up my karma, it’s the right thing to do, and this was the best opportunity we had,” Bardi said.

They are turning his funny fame into something good.

As for “Admiral Galacticat,” how are they making sure he doesn’t get his paws on the donations?

“I have them all locked up in the guest room. He doesn’t have access there,” she said.

They have the donation bins set up at Jefferson Feed, Double M Feed, Langenstein’s, Metairie Small Animal Hospital and Benbow Veterinary Services.

For more information, check out “Admiral Galacticat’s Laundry Basket on Facebook,” click HERE.

They plan on also donating pet supplies to local shelters.