NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The trial for teens accused of carjacking and killing Linda Frickey is delayed. Potential jurors were sent home today in the murder trial.

Chief of the Trials Division, Matt Derbes said the reason for jury selection being delayed is because a stay order, basically a pause is in place by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Apparently Judge Kimya Holmes told potential jurors that the court needed more time for the jury questionaire.

The reason the stay order is in place is because of an appeal by the defense in regards to the joint continuance. The joint continuance involves both sides wanting a new trial date.

The trial for three of the four teenagers John Honore, Marquel Curtis, and Brinaiyah Baker was scheduled to begin today. The fourth teenager Lanyra Thoephile was deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial, pending mental evaluations.

All four teenagers face second degree murder charges, and if convicted could face life in prison.

Jury selection can begin once the stay order is lifted.