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HARVEY, LA (WGNO) —  Tuesday, Sheriff Newell Normand announced the arrest of two suspects who are accused of trying to murder a trio of deputies last week.

“They know, according to statements, that they were shooting at the police,” Normand said.  “There’s no doubt about that, that admission has been made.”

Last week, two veteran deputies and a recent training academy graduate were on patrol on James Drive in Marrero.  At one point, they saw a red laser trace across the windshield.  Normand says his deputies immediately jumped out of the car just as it was hit.  In all, five shots were fired at the car.  Normand says his deputies fired 14 shots in return.

The suspects are Terrance Carter who according to deputies lives on the street where the attack happened and Malcolm Hall of New Orleans.  Normand says Hall was the trigger man.

“Let there be no mistake that these two guys are two individuals who are cop killers,” Normand told reporters at the news conference to announce the arrests.

Normand also showed reporters the gun that he says was used in the attack as well as three others that were confiscated in the case.  According to the sheriff, one of the other guns has also been linked to a previous shooting.

Normand says the two suspects could get a minimum of 20 to 50 years in prison if convicted of trying to murder the deputies.  He also says suspect Malcolm Hall previously pleaded guilty to an obstruction of justice charge in connection with a shooting on Bourbon Street in 2013 that injured four people.

The sheriff also commented at length about a string of recent attacks on police officers around the country.  To hear his emotional remarks on that topic, click on the video button above.