Joe Vindel found murdered Uptown after girlfriend begs for help in locating him.


Breaking News: Monday morning, the body of Joe Vindel was found Uptown after his girlfriend begs for help in locating him. He was found dead with a gunshot wound. One arrested in connection.

HARVEY (WGNO) A missing New Orleans man has been found dead.

Joseph “Joe” Vindel was found dead in the Garden District Monday morning. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Officers believed that it happened after he went to Harvey Sunday morning to sell a dirt bike.

Vindel was found Monday morning on Coliseum Street in the back of his vehicle, dead. A 20-year-old man, Jaylen Harvey is in custody and was arrested for the alleged murder of Vindel.

According to Sheriff Joe Lipento, Harvey admitted to killing Vindel and driving his car then, dumping the body and car in Uptown New Orleans.

On Sunday, Vindel used Facebook Marketplace–Tulane Classifieds, trying to sell his red dirt bike. After driving to Harvey, Louisiana, Vindel went missing and was not heard from for more than 24 hours.

That’s when his girlfriend took to Facebook pleading for the public to help locate him or report anything they heard or knew.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office started working backward, which led to the meeting spot of Harvey and Vindel, which was at 2101 Manhattan Boulevard in Harvey.

JPSO was able to make contact with Jaylen Harvey who admitted to killing Vindel. Authorities were able to find the firearm that Harvey used. Harvey is known to have a criminal history.

Police believe that Vindel was shot in Harvey then driven to New Orleans. They believe he was shot Sunday around 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.

The local real estate community, his girlfriend and family are in shock at the loss of one of their own.


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