JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) – Aside from people, pets and plants, the extreme heat is also wearing down roads.

Jefferson Parish employees say high temperatures caused two streets to buckle, the intersection of Terry Pkwy. And Heritage Ave. in Terrytown and a part of Stall Drive in Harvey.

A woman who lives on Stall Drive says she has lived in her house for 25 years and had never seen anything quite like it. 

“I thought I was in a dream,” said Angela Lowe, who saw the road’s deformity Wednesday afternoon. “I thought I was in, like I don’t know. I thought I was in California somewhere because it was hills. It was a humongous hill!”

According to the Jefferson Parish streets director, Brook Burmaster, when there is extreme heat and little rain, the concrete cannot cool down, and as a result, it expands.

“It usually gives because the extreme heat expands the panels, and they have to pop up somewhere,” explained Burmaster.

Crews with Jefferson Parish responded to both locations immediately Wednesday and were back at it Thursday morning.

“If it is dangerous, we break it out, put rock in it, make it safe for travel, and then the next day, we come back and put asphalt on it,” said Burmaster.

Neighbors say they’re grateful for the parish’s swift response, but they’re concerned about the aftermath.

“We want our street back. We want to know what’s going on. We want to know what’s going on with the piping,” said Lowe. “We want to know what caused this, and we want it put back properly, the right way. We don’t want black tar in our subdivision.”

Burmaster says they plan on leaving the asphalt as is because of the heat and that they will make plans to repave the road between September and November when it’s cooler.