Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter encourages fostering and adoptions amid COVID-19

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NEW ORLEANS – COVID-19 is causing many animals to struggling in finding a place to go.
The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter says there’s a way to keep your furry friend or adopt one without stepping foot in the door!

All animal shelters in Jefferson and Orleans parish are at full capacity. Including Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. Yet, more and more people are looking to give up their pets.

“In the wake of panic and the fact that they may be out of work, they don’t know what’s gonna happen ‘I don’t know if I can afford to care for this pet’” Director of Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, Michelle Brignac told WGNO.

Many fear their animal could infect them with the coronavirus. Kristina Chassie, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine says so far, this shouldn’t be a concern.

“As of right now, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to our pets or from our pets to us.”

Shelters are asking families to keep their pets until, at least the coronavirus pandemic is over but they do have a couple of ideas to help you out.

“ We can offer food, you know, on a limited basis. You know, if they could reach out to another family member to just care for their pets.”

So, how can you adopt during the pandemic? Here’s the process: visit their website at and fill out an application.

An applicant can go as far as paying for the adoption fee online.

Within minutes, you can pick up your pet, curbside! Food and an animal guide included.

“They don’t actually have to come into the shelter.”

Whether you’re adopting, fostering or taking care of your own pet, one thing’s for sure, they could all use love at a time like this.

The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter will handle adoptions between 9 AM and 7 PM seven days a week! Starting this Friday, all adoptions will be $20. 


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