It’s so cold, the Gulf of Mexico is steaming!

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NEW ORLEANS — Just like your breath gets steamy on a cold day, the Gulf of Mexico is steaming because it’s so cold.

Video above shows the “sea smoke” coming from the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Alabama.

According to The Washington Post, sea smoke is a pretty common sight up north, as in over the Great Lakes.

But here in the Gulf of Mexico? Almost never, scientists say.

More from the Post:

Temperatures were so cold Wednesday morning, in fact, that the 64-degree Gulf of Mexico was literally steaming. Meteorologists call it “sea smoke” but it’s the exact same science as a boiling pot of water or your steamy breath on a cold day. Cold, dry air meets warm water; water evaporates into air until it can’t hold any more; water vapor condenses and steam forms.


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