KENNER, La. (WGNO) – The spirited sound is coming from back on the playground.

It’s at Kenner Discovery, the Louisiana school called Health Sciences Academy, the home of the Swamp Owls.

It’s the brand new school pep squad that WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood wants you to hear and hear all about.

It’s the first year for it with a first-grade teacher as coach.

The team is warming up.

As if they actually need any kind of warm-up.

Bill Wood asks one of the members of the team, “what does it mean to be peppy?”

She says, “to show energy and be positive.”

From first through fourth grades

With 119 girls on the team.

Boys are welcome to join, but so far, they believe they’ve got the biggest pep squad in the state.

Bill Wood wonders, “do you get a grade to be on the pep squad?”

Another member of the team says, “no, I do it to inspire other kids and support my school.”

It’s all about school spirit.

The sense of identity and community they show.

And they’ll show it from festivals to the school’s new flag football team.

In the battle to be the biggest.

It helps if you also happen to be the best.

And that’s exactly who the Swamp Owls are.