It used to be a sidewalk, now a Diversity Garden grows


A future as rich as the soil as this New Orleans high school

NEW ORLEANS – Their history is as rich as their soil.

Outside Ben Franklin High School, where a sidewalk used to be, New Orleans kids are learning.

And they’re learning by growing.

In a garden of a classroom with no computers, no homework and no cell phones.,

WGNO’s Bill Wood shares the story from a harvest of hope.

It’s called the Diversity Garden.

And it really does have a rich history.

It was donated by the Ben Franklin class of 1966.

It honors students of color who came here back then to Ben Franklin and made it the first integrated high school in New Orleans.

With lilies, blueberries and even an orange tree, they’re harvesting a crop of possibilities.

At the school always named Louisiana’s best, the soil is as rich as the future.

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