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NEW ORLEANS— Today, October 13, is the last day to register to vote in the November 3rd election, but that registration can only be done online.

This Friday, October 16th is the start of in-person early voting in Louisiana and the number of people voting is expected to be larger than ever before.

At local registrar’s offices, a constant stream of people are dropping off absentee voting ballots, adding to that number being historically high as well.

Marion Starks of the Orleans Parish Registrar’s Office said,”We received over 18,000 requests all of the ballots went out on Saturday. We mailed them out every day last week. So the last ballots went out this past weekend.”

You can still request absentee ballots but there are pretty strict instructions on how they must be filled out.

You must correctly mark your choices by filling in the circle on the ballot, like a standardized test. No check marks on the circle and on X’s on the circle.

Jefferson Parish Registrar of Voters Dennis A. Dimarco offered, “Otherwise they can’t be read by the scanners, which means they have to be hand-counted, which means there’s always a greater chance for error when they’re hand-counted”

While you can still request absentee ballots until October 30th, there is another important step.

“The affidavit that the voter gets in the absentee ballot, we want to encourage voters to make sure that they signed it and they also have a witness’s signature,” said Starks.

And even though the Louisiana Secretary of State fought to limit some absentee ballots, his office has put out a video with proper instructions.

Dimarco said, “The last day to request a ballot is October 30th. The state pushed that up to allow people more time to mail them back. And you have until 4:30 the day before election day, which is November 2nd to get them back.

November 3rd is Election Day.


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