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Laplace, La. (WGNO)— Like many of the homeowners in the Cambridge subdivision Ariska Everett and her family lost everything.

Everett said, “We were able to salvage maybe 5% of some really valuable things that we wanted and those things had to be cleaned.”

What most common for everyone with damage is now having to deal with insurance companies. If you haven’t heard from your insurer, there are timelines they should follow.

Jim Donelon, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner stated, “It’s 30 days under ordinary circumstances, but in a catastrophe by law I have the authority, and I did add another 30 days to that for a total of 60.”

Everett’s insurance adjuster came by, and on the same day she received a notice of non-renewal in the mail.

“I was just taken a bit by that. I was like ‘really?’ y’all didn’t even give us a chance to get back to assess the damages or do anything or anything like that and we received this letter,” said Everett.

The insurance commissioner says this should never have happened. These battles to rebuild are just the latest that people here are facing.

According to the commissioner, “(This is) worst than bad taste, and I want that person to contact at 800-259-5300 and let us know which company that is and what that company is doing, that’s not allowed.”

These battles to rebuild are just the latest that people here are facing.

“For me, the hurting part is having to start is having to start all over again,” said Everett.