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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— All across New Orleans, neighbors are dealing with garbage and storm debris on the streets, now a new problem- illegal dumping.

Communications Director Beau Tidwell said, “Since the 27th, Monday the 27th, 311 has gotten over 100 calls, right at 100 calls for illegal dumping. It’s something that’s very much on our radar.”

Those 100 calls in the last week and a half reporting illegal dumping is complicating the existing issues that New Orleans is facing cleaning up after Hurricane Ida.

“Folks that are engaging in illegal dumping in the process are not making things any easier and it’s part of the overall challenge that we’re working to resolve,” said Tidwell.

The city says that a lot of the illegal dumping is happening in neighborhoods, but it’s also happening in remote areas like here on South Peters Street along the river.

According to Matt Torri, NOLA Director of Sanitation, “Illegal dumping is happening from both residents and contractors. I know we had significant issues along the bayou where space is limited along the public right of way along the homes, and many took advantage and put debris there improperly.”

This year alone the city has received over 3000 illegal dumping calls. That’s more than all of last year and sanitation department is cleaning up as many of the sites as they can, but resident reporting also helps.

“If you actively come across illegal dumping, we do encourage people to call the police if they can make it out there in time. We know that those resources have a lot on their plate, so it’s very challenging for them to respond real time, and dumping happens fast,” said Torri.

To report illegal dumping, residents are asked to call 311