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Here’s a tough one, especially if you’re a home owner in a middle class neighborhood: the Stonebridge neighborhood on the Westbank has subdivision bylaws, like most planned communities do, and also, obviously, laws they have to abide by from the city of Gretna.

Apparently the Cronley family is breaking the law.  The family has their huge diesel RV parked in their driveway and it’s a little too big.  Some homeowners in Stonebridge feel the oversized RV parked in the Cronley’s driveway will diminish their own homes value.  They want the RV gone.

I can understand this.  Some neighborhoods have rules and regulations the homeowners must live by.   For example, some neighborhoods don’t allow duel axle trucks to park overnight. Or another that doesn’t allow boats or school buses parked on your property.  Another neighborhood will only let you choose from certain architects when building your home.  Some neighborhood rules and regulations restrict what kind of fence you can build and even limit the type of materials you can use to build it.  So it doesn’t seem too extreme for some Stonebridge home owners to complain about the enormous RV the Cronley’s have parked in their driveway.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the Cronley’s son, Joey, has muscular dystrophy and lives in that RV.  It’s his main mode of transportation.  The medical equipment Joey relies on is in that RV.  The RV serves as a backup generator for the Cronley’s if and when power goes out at their home.

A judge has ruled in favor of the Cronley’s.  The neighbors have appealed.  Keeping home values high or allowing an exception to a family that has a son who is disabled?  That is a tough one.


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