JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) — “Everyone started getting hype and that’s when the protest really started,” said Malcolm Jones, a student at Grace King High School.

He’s talking about a protest that happened Wednesday morning at the school. This coming after news broke that the school may be sending students to Bonnabel or Riverdale High in the next school year.

“So are school wouldn’t get shut down, nobody wants the school to get shut down, so that’s why we decided to protest,” said Mario Oliney. He and Malcolm Jones say they are the only two students at Grace King High that were suspended after the protest. While they feel that’s unfair they believe standing up for their school was the right thing to do.

“I have memories here. I made everything here. I started from the dirt and worked my way up. I worked so hard to get to the spot I’m in just to have to go to a new school and compete again,” said Jones.

Mario’s mother, Audriana Oneal, agrees with the two young men.

“The fact that they’re upset is understanding. The fact that we have to move to another school which is a grade ‘F’ school when we are a grade ‘B’ school is very confusing,” said Oneal.

Grace King is one of seven Jefferson Parish Public Schools that may be consolidated as enrollment numbers dwindle in the district.

The President of the Jefferson Parish School Board, Ralph Brandt, says a decision on what happens next hasn’t been decided.

“This is a highly emotional decision on many levels so we understand the concern from both the parents and the students and this decision isn’t made lightly,” said Brandt.

That decision will be made on April 5th at the school board meeting at the JP School’s Administration Building on Manhattan Boulevard. The meeting kicks off at 6:00 p.m.

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