Hurricane Delta power outage leads to commitment flip for Matthew Langlois


BATON ROUGE, La. – Matthew Langlois switched from a Kansas State Wildcat to an LSU Tiger when he committed to the Bayou Bengals, but the powerful moment leading to the Catholic Hornet’s decision came when the lights were out.

“The offer got extended the day of Hurricane Delta so we actually had all lost power. I think they called him or FaceTimed him the night that Delta was coming through. We were without power, but we were ecstatic. It brought some electricity in there,” Catholic Pointe Coupee head football coach David Simoneaux said.

“I gave it a few weeks, and eventually, I talked to my family, coaches and friends, and we thought it was best I switch over to LSU,” Langlois said.

The 6’0″ safety started playing for the Hornets when he was just a 5’8″ eighth grader, but Coach Simoneaux saw early on how much Langlois could contribute to the team.

“He just found a way to get it done. He’s just got some innate intangibles and some competitiveness. That ‘never say die’ attitude is something that’s going to make him really successful down the stretch,” Simoneaux added.

Langlois’s inspiration for the way he plays came from former Tiger Tyrann Mathieu, and the Pointe Coupee player has worn number seven because of the Honey Badger.

“He wasn’t very big, wasn’t the strongest, the fastest, but he’d go out there. He wasn’t scared of nobody, took what he wanted and made plays,” Langlois said.

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