Hundreds of volunteers in New Orleans will serve for MLK Day


Close-up of American Civil Rights Leader Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968) as he attends a rally for Freedom Riders, Jackson, Mississippi, May 1961. The Freedom Riders rode buses throughout the southern United States in the months following the Boynton v. Virginia Supreme Court case, which essentially outlawed racial segregation on public transportation, […]

NEW ORLEANS — Despite the ongoing pandemic, more than 300 volunteers in the New Orleans area will serve the community this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What will be different this year is how the volunteers tackle their assignments. To make sure everyone is following city guidelines, the volunteers will be given bags filled with gloves, masks, a list of areas for cleanup and more.

“This pandemic has been an incredible challenge for everyone, but this MLK Day of Service is an example of how we can still come together as a community,” says Arielle McConduit, Executive Director and Vice President of City Year New Orleans.  “As we’ve said for many years, this is day on, not a day off, and thanks to our partners including Teach for America, City Park, the New Orleans City Council, AmeriCorps, and the NORD Commission, the end result will be no different than in years past.”


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