BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WGNO) – In downtown Bay St. Louis where golf carts are the preferred form of transportation, hundreds celebrated the Fourth of July.

The Gulf Coast town even attracted crowds from as far as Chicago!

“His family lives in Picayune, Mississippi, so we come down here to visit family, and this is his niece,” said a family visiting from Chicago.

Some visitors say they spend most of their time on the strip.

“We usually find places, like the Blind Tiger, some of our favorite spots there. We go shopping in some of the shops,” said Mom. “We also like to go to the Portside ice cream shop over there,” added her daughter.

Those spending their Independence Day outdoors say a little rain never hurt anyone. There are plenty of restaurants and bars along Beach Boulevard where you can wait it out.

“[It] does not matter,” said Robert C. Wall, who was visiting from Slidell. “It’s just blowing through, and it will be great in little while. In 11 minutes.”

Fellow Louisianians also find Bay St. Louis enticing with plenty to do.

“We enjoy the camping; we enjoy the beaches out here,” said Wall. “The festivities are great. You’re here!”

Aside from the food, drinks, and atmosphere, some are remembering why Americans celebrate Independence Day.

“We’ve moved along in a right way,” said Wall. “Not happy with everything, but it’s great to be an American, and it’s great to live in America.”