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An impressive pink diamond is for sale in New Orleans if you have a few million bucks to throw around! Vanessa Bolano give us a sneak peek at a sparkler that’s among the rarest of the rare!

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this baby is the number one stunner. The 12.27 Majestic Pink Diamond is rumored to be the most important diamond on the market today.

CEO of M.S. Rau Antiques Bill Rau says, “By far the most expensive substance in the world today are colored diamonds, and at the absolute top of the heap of colored diamonds are pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are the rarest of the rare.”

It can be yours for $7,850,000.

“I think it’ll make a girl very, very happy,” says Rau.

The Majestic Pink Diamond comes from Golconda Mines in India. They’ve produced the famous Hope Diamond and much of the French and English Royal Crown Jewels. 99% of pink diamonds mined today are under one carat, which makes this one even more rare.

It’s set in a signed, antique Cartier mounting, and it’s previous owner wishes to remain anonymous.