How to protect your home from criminals.


Today is National Night Out Against Crime

JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO)- Keeping crime rates down is not an easy task but, with help from you and your neighbors, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office can crackdown on crime from happening.

Criminals are looking for an easy target. So, why give them one? Residents can ban together and join forces with local deputies to protect their neighborhoods.

National Night Out Against Crime is designed to do three things: increase crime prevention awareness, stimulate anti-crime efforts, and strengthen neighborhood support.

Normally, National Night Out would look like this. A big celebration that brings the community together to get to know one another. Due to COVID, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is keeping this year’s night out simple and safe.

It’s more of a grassroots effort this year, National Night Out Against Crime will focus on the idea is to show residents how to protect their area, what to watch for and that will keep the bad guys away.

“For those who are participating whether it’s just turning your porch light on or you have something planned with you’re neighbors virtually or not, we encourage you to celebrate with everybody. To let everybody know that we are all this one team for public safety and if CRIMESTOPPERS can ever help or come out to your neighborhood groups call us.”

Starting today, The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and CRIMESTOPPERS will be posting helpful videos to their Facebook as a reference.


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