HOW TO: Mark yourself safe from Hurricane Ida on Facebook


NEW ORLEANS — With Hurricane Ida’s winds ripping through southern Louisiana, there are steps you can take to help notify your family and friends of your wellbeing if you were impacted by the storm.

Updating your Facebook status to mark yourself as safe following severe weather has never been more important. And, by using the social media platform’s Crisis Response tool, it has never been easier.

With Facebook’s crisis response tool, people impacted by Hurricane Ida can update their status to let their Facebook friends know they are safe. Here’s how to use the tool:

First, search Facebook for “crisis response.”

Click on the Crisis Response link.

Facebook will then give you a list of recent crisis response events. People impacted by Hurricane Ida will want the want that says “Hurricane Ida in Southern Louisiana and Western Louisiana.”

Facebook will then provide you a page of Hurricane Ida resources, including an option to mark yourself safe.

Clicking on “I’m Safe” will update your status, letting your friends and family know that you are okay.

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