How long is the early voting wait time in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes?


NEW ORLEANS– Thousands of voters are turning out in both Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish for early voting.

“This is the most turnout I’ve ever seen. I guess everyone wants to go get their vote in,” Kim Guidry said.

In Jefferson Parish, they have a total of 36 voting machines throughout the Parish. At Kenner’s Rivertown voting location the wait time is about an hour.

“Thank God, we have nice weather for it,” Guidry said.

Some voters are even passing the time with a good book. Others are surprised that the wait time isn’t longer.

“I brought a chair, but I didn’t need a chair because the line is constantly moving,” Tina Millon said.

Voters at the Odum Center in Jefferson Parish are happy they added four additional voting machines. They now have a total of 16 machines. Over the last few days the wait time was between 3 and 4 hours, but not anymore.

“I waited maybe an hour if that long,” Millon said.

In Orleans Parish they have more than 100 voting machines at the various locations. At one voting location— the Smoothie King Center, everything’s running smooth. The wait time today was only about 20 minutes.

The Smoothie King Center offers free parking across the street from Champions Square for all voters.

Early voting in The Big Easy has been very easy for these voters. These voters say no matter the wait time, it is worth it!

“I’m telling everyone to please go out and vote,” Millon said.


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