Hot! Hot! Hot! How people are staying cool in these sizzling temperatures


NEW ORLEANS– New Orleans feels like it is on fire with heat advisories in effect and heat index values over 105 degrees.

“People need to realize that it can be extremely dangerous if you’re un-protected and not hydrating properly. If you feel heat exhaustion or heat stress, you’ll start to feel bad, profuse sweating, feeling nauseated, or even vomiting,” Dr. Jeffrey Elder with LCMC Health said.

Dr. Jeffrey Elder with LCMC Health says there are things you can do to avoid heat exhaustion or even worse heat stroke.

“Things like water, Powerade, Gatorade, things with electrolytes are all extremely important that will keep people from having that sort of heat stress,” Dr. Elder said.

Dr. Elder said that the elderly, people working outside, and kids playing outside are at the highest risk for heat-related illnesses.

“If you’re working outside, wear loose light-fit clothing, and wear a hat and stay hydrated,” he said.

Over at Rummel High School’s summer baseball camp, keeping the kids hydrated is part of their Coach’s game plan.

“We can tell when they are slowing down a bit. They will pull on our pant legs a bit, and say coach it is hot out, can we have a break, and we give them a little break,” Coach Frank Cazeaux said.

From kids to adults, where these folks made their way to the Ace Hotel’s roof top bar, Alto for some frozen cocktails and some fun in the sun.

“Obviously the pool is right here, if you get too hot, you can take a dip,” Ryan Anderson at Alto said.

Whether it is a swimming pool or drinking water, here in Louisiana another way to cool off is with snoballs.

“It cools the core. You get the cold in your mouth, down to your stomach, it just cools you all the way inside,” Steven Bell, Owner of Sal’s Snoballs said.

And doctors say whatever it takes to stay hydrated in these temperatures—do it!

“We see this every year with people coming in with high core body temperature,” Dr. Elder said.

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