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CHALMETTE, LA (WGNO) – For some, Memorial day weekend is about heading to the beach or barbecues.  For others it’s about remembering those who died while fighting for our freedom.

This weekend thousands of American flags decorated the Chalmette National Cemetery.  Volunteers place flags at every headstone where troops who served in conflicts ranging from The War of 1812 to the Vietnam War were buried.  In all, over 15,000 troops have been laid to rest at the cemetery.

Memorial Day is about saluting the soldiers.  Honoring those freedom-fighters who are still with us like Navy Vietnam Veteran, Bob Carambat.

“If it wasn’t for the Veterans people wouldn’t have half the stuff that we have today,”  Carambat said.

Bob’s Wife, Maxine Carambat said, “It hits your heart so hard to know that they made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Paying tribute to those heroes who died in the line of duty, like Bertrand Medine Jr. is also what Memorial Day is about.

His sister, Melissa Medine said, “We wish we would still have him here with us today.  He gave his life for our country.  We always think of him.  We miss him.  We love him, and thank him for what he did.”

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