Hometown Horror Stories: The Cornstalk Hotel

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NEW ORLEANS – Would you stay at a haunted hotel? What if the ghosts were friendly?

Ryan Knight is a manager at The Cornstalk Hotel, and he’s had his fair share of haunting experiences while working. “One night, I was here around 2 am, and went downstairs to the kitchen to get some water, and I heard [someone say] “hey” so I looked back and around and went back and saw nothing there. That was kind of weird.”

Knight says that guests f the hotel, have reported even more unexplainable events, “We had a lady that was staying upstairs and she and her friend went downstairs to smoke outside. She came back in and came back up to her room. A couple minutes later she came down and asked if anyone went to her room, and I said I don’t think so, it’s 9 o’clock at night. You know, housekeeping was gone. She said well there was a drawer pulled all the way out of the way of the dresser and was sitting on the floor when we went back in. Strange, sleep tight. Ha ha ha ha…”

Well, who is the ghost? Knight says one figure usually stands out, “There’s a lady that they say, they see her upstairs going up and down the back staircase, walking up and down the hall, and people from across the street say that they’ve seen her just kind of standing there looking out her hair in a bun. And she disappears and then a few seconds later her hand disappears. I haven’t seen her but a lot of people have seen her.”

But if you’re scared to stay at a haunted hotel, just know that sometimes ghosts aren’t looking to hurt you. “A lot of people that come here that say that they can feel those the kind of things they don’t really have any bad vibes. I’ve never really heard anything bad, we hear people getting talked to and whispered to and stuff like that but it’s never anything really aggressive.”

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