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DESTREHAN, La.– Flooding is a big problem in St. Charles Parish on Ormond Boulevard in Destrehan. Folks living there say they are tired of their homes flooding multiple times.

Ormond Boulevard is dry now, but on Sunday it was a completely different story. Water got very high and flooded homes in the neighborhood.

Homeowners like Darren Vinnett are feeling frustrated with the flooding.

“This is the third flood in less than 19 months. The flooding is out of control. I’m actually shocked because we live in a world where things get done that need to get done and this is no longer acceptable,” he said.

Neighbors have even put signs in their front yards that read: “Stop the Flooding.” They are hoping leaders with St. Charles Parish take notice.

“I’m wanting to see what leadership is going to do,” Vinnett said.

In a statement from the St. Charles Parish President’s Office to WGNO, President Matthew Jewell introduced a temporary moratorium on major subdivisions as well as drainage and sewerage initiatives, during the June 15, 2020, council meeting. The moratorium would be in effect for 18 months or until the parish-wide drainage and sewerage master plans are complete.

“Recent flooding has made it clear that it is time for St. Charles Parish to have a systematic master plan that allows new homes to be developed in a way that does not hinder the quality of life for current residents and homeowners,” said President Matthew Jewell. “For far too long, we have simply added new developments and put additional burden on existing infrastructure without improving the conveyance canals and culverts that deliver water to our pump stations.”

Jewell continued, “Temporarily halting the addition of new subdivisions will allow Public Works to develop a plan that takes the needs of the entire parish into account while also planning for future growth.”

During the duration of the moratorium, the Department of Public Works will continue to work on projects that are in progress or have been designated as essential projects for sewerage and drainage improvements.

Parish leaders say the ordinance did not pass at a meeting last night, but they will re-introduce it and make a decision at a meeting in early August.

Until something is done, folks like Darren Vinnett will continue to pick up the pieces for his family.

“I’m just cleaning everything up. I’m numb to the process,” he said.