NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Signs of the Mayor LaToya Cantrell recall are popping up, and proof of that is at the house on Cadiz Street and St. Charles Avenue.

This house is typically known for its twinkly Christmas lights every year, but now it is becoming known for sending a new message: “Save New Orleans: Sign Mayor Recall.”

Recall organizers say the owner of this home is a restaurant owner. Many restaurant owners have now come on board with the recall efforts of the Mayor. Organizers say even the President of the Restaurant Association is on board. is the only official website that is affiliated with the recall petition, and all signatures must be handwritten.

Recall Organizer Eileen Carter says they need about 53,000 signatures and they won’t give the exact number that they have yet, but she does say, “I will tell you that we have outpaced ourselves. If we continue at this pace, we will be hitting the target in 5 months rather than 6 months that are given.”

So far Mayor Cantrell’s Campaign team has issued a statement regarding the recall saying this petition is a Republican-backed maneuver by people with an agenda and fits into a long history of taking away our vote and voice. Recall organizers deny that.

The next recall event is set for tomorrow from 7 am to 11 am at Baronne Street and Washington Avenue.

In an updated statement from the Mayor’s Office they said:

“We remain focused putting the needs of our residents first and delivering results. We remain focused on recruitment and retention of our police officers, which include our $80 million proposal to provide them with higher salaries, enhanced equipment and upgraded technology, including a $3.7 million state of the art firing range in New Orleans East. We remain focused on fixing our aging infrastructure and expect to begin construction on more than $1 billion in joint infrastructure roadwork projects throughout the City within the next year. We remain focused on cleaning up our city and improving quality of life and are excited for our new contracts fort Service Area 2 to begin this November, which will provide more enhanced, consistent and reliable sanitation services for residents. More importantly we remain focused on ensuring our residents are prepared and protected through the end of hurricane season, should a life threatening storm come our way. Simply put, our efforts and attention remain on doing the work to keep our people safe and protected.”